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Spooky YouTube channel ranks Maine’s top 5 ghost stories

The YouTube channel A Grave in Baltimore, which specializes in paranormal tales and haunted happenings, published a video this year ranking what it considers the top 5 ghost stories in Maine. The video offers a fun primer on five of the state’s most legendary apparitions, and you can forgive the narrator’s mispronunciation of “Seguin.” If […]

Maine is one of only two states where this candy is the Halloween favorite

According to the publication Travel + Leisure, product review site Influentser surveyed 40,000 users to determine which candy people in each state most hope to get in their goodie bags on Halloween. (To be clear, users of a product review site are more likely to be parents of trick-or-treaters than trick-or-treaters themselves, so these results likely represent […]

The most popular Halloween costume in Maine this year and how to make it

According to the Huffington Post, Google tracked Halloween search queries from Sept. 8 through Oct. 8 — a time period the Internet giant presumed most people would be looking to acquire their costumes. HuffPo then used that data to publish a list of the most distinctly popular costumes from each state. Although Batman wasn’t the top […]