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Insider video features Skowhegan’s struggle and renaissance

Insider, an offshoot of Business Insider, published a video to their Facebook page on Monday featuring Skowhegan’s past struggle and renaissance. The video starts with Amber Lambke, the owner of a grist mill and seemingly the central figure of Skowhegan’s rebuild. Her grains have been used around the city, namely at Bigelow Brewing Company, which […]

Is Pumpkinhead Ale responsible for the pumpkin spice craze?

Pumpkin spice is becoming omnipresent. When the leaves start to turn, Shipyard Brewing Company releases Pumpkinhead Ale, only whipping up the pumpkin spice frenzy more. In the BDN Newsroom, we asked the question: “is Pumpkinhead responsible for the explosion of pumpkin spice?” The timeline checks out. Pumpkinhead was first brewed in 1996, while Starbucks developed […]

Where Mainers go for sustenance: Data analysts compare numbers of bars, grocery stores

Map-making and number crunching website FlowingData dug up and updated a 2008 analysis by a previous group on the numbers of bars and grocery stores across the U.S. The exercise, apparently, was to gauge how people in different regions are gaining their sustenance, although it’s not immediately clear why they didn’t also include restaurants, gardens or […]

Statistician calculates best route for beer-tasting road trip. Here’s where it stops in Maine.

Dr. Nathan Yau put his grasp of mathematics to good use for the website Flowing Data when he determined the most efficient route for taking a beer-tasting road trip around the continental U.S. Yau took RateBeer’s list of the world’s top 100 breweries, pulled the 70 that have home bases to visit in the 48 […]