One of America’s 8 ‘most coastal Christmas trees’ can be found in Maine

Coastal Living magazine listed its eight “most coastal Christmas trees” in America, and there’s only two farther north than Maryland.

There are Christmas trees made from sand and surf boards, respectively, in Florida. There’s a pineapple Christmas tree in Georgia and a massive, one-acre-wide banyan tree in Hawaii.

But one of the only ones on the list above the Mason-Dixon Line is in Rockland, home of the 35-foot-tall lobster trap Christmas tree.

Cable television station TLC once did a segment of the now famous tree (above) as part of its program on “Extreme Christmas Trees.”

Here’s what Coastal Living wrote about the Rockland attraction:

“Said to be the tallest lobster trap tree in the world, Rockland’s stands at 35 feet high and is made with 155 red and green lobster traps constructed just for the occasion by neighboring Brooks Trap Mill. The epic crustacean-inspired creation is covered in 1/8 of a mile each of holiday lights and garland, and is festooned with local lobstermen’s buoys, each sporting a unique color scheme and design.”

The tree farthest north on the map otherwise is a floating Christmas tree in Nantucket. Then there’s a 22-foot-tall tree made of crab bushels in Maryland.

To see the full list, pictures and descriptions of all of the trees, visit the Coastal Living website here.

For even more wacky Christmas tree ideas, the site Hongkiat has a list of trees made from things like soda cans, books, hub caps, Legos and sushi.

Yes, there is a Christmas tree made of sushi somewhere.

Have you seen Rockland’s lobster trap Christmas tree? Have any other ideas for cool Maine Christmas trees? (The folks up in Alaska made one out of moose antlers, already. So we’ll have to think of something else.) Leave your ideas in the comments below or on the BDN Facebook page.