‘Hilariously bad Netflix movie’ brings Christmas schmaltz to Maine

Tip of the cap here to my illustrious colleague and investigative seasonal movie watcher, Kaylie Reese, for catching this one.

If you haven’t noticed, movie streaming site Netflix is trying to elbow in on Hallmark’s corny Christmas movie market with a number of schmaltzy holiday romantic comedies of its own.

And one of its latest entries brings the genre right here to Maine, as “Christmas Inheritance” sends its predictable protagonist up to a fictional town called “Snow Falls.”

If you’re into these movies, you probably already have a general idea what the plot is. But just in case you couldn’t see this coming 100 miles away, consider this a spoiler alert: Stop reading if you don’t want any idea what this movie is about before you watch it.

Here’s the elevator pitch: Wealthy city slicker socialite Ellen Langford is sent off to a small town before she can take over her father’s big business, and there she learns the value of hard work and falls in love.

To get to “Snow Falls,” Langford passes through Kennebunkport, Augusta and Waterville, so the guess here is that “Snow Falls” is somewhere around Bangor, if not modeled on Bangor itself.

There’s a Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game going around which should work for this, too, if you’re at least 21 years old and so inclined. Click here to read the rules of that.

Vogue magazine calls “Christmas Inheritance” “so bad it’s good” and a “hilariously bad Netflix movie” to follow on the heels of eye-rolling predecessor “A Christmas Prince.”

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