In Maine, this is the place where most Uber rides end up. Our top destination may surprise you

USA Today recently published a slideshow showing the most popular Uber rideshare destination in each state. In many states, people are calling Uber to get rides to sports stadiums — it makes sense, as parking and crowds can be tough around those venues.

In some states, the top Uber terminus is a bar. The Rocking R Bar in Bozeman, Montana, for instance, or Larry’s Bar & Grill in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Again, that makes some sense. Use Uber as your designated driver. Smart thinking.

But Maine’s top Uber destination may come as a bit of a surprise. It’s not a sports stadium, nor a bar. It’s Thompson’s Point in Portland.

Then again, as it’s been redeveloped, Thompson’s Point has become a hotbed of activity. There are popular live concerts there during the warmer months and multiple places to eat and drink have been opened up out there.

There’s an event space and skating rink, too, so there are plenty of reasons why people might take an Uber over to Thompson’s Point.

If you’re curious, the most popular Uber arrival point in neighboring New Hampshire is The Lodges at West Edge, an off-campus student housing complex near the University of New Hampshire in Durham.

In New York, it’s the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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