Maine city ranked among the best for singles. But another one is among the worst.

Serial data cruncher and shareable content producer WalletHub has ranked 182 of the most populated cities in America in terms of their dating scenes.

One city in Maine placed in the top 10 nationwide for singles, while another Maine city found itself in the bottom 10, at least by these metrics.

If you’re curious, three of the top five cities for singles are in California, with San Francisco claiming the top spot overall. WalletHub looked at the percentage of single people in each city, as well as “nightlife” venues per capita, average restaurant meal costs, rent and a number of other numbers in determining its rankings.

Source: WalletHub

And coming in at No. 10 overall was none other than Portland, Maine, which scored particularly well in the “Dating Opportunities” category, which included sub-categories on the gender balance and numbers of online dating opportunities.

The state’s second largest city, Lewiston, didn’t fare so well, coming in at No. 175 out of 182. Lewiston was doomed by low scores in WalletHub’s “Dating Opportunities” and “Fun & Recreation” categories, the latter of which considers factors like the prevalence of coffee shops, restaurants, night clubs and parks.

WalletHub’s 182 cities included the 150 most populous cities in America, plus at least the two largest cities in each state, which explains why cities such as Bangor, Biddeford and South Portland didn’t pop up.