According to our online searches, this is what Mainers fear most. It’s pretty gross.

The home security company ADT used online search data to determine what people in each state fear the most.

Xenophobia — or fear of the unknown, often mistakenly conflated with fear of immigrants or outsiders — was the top fear in no fewer than 10 states, according to this research.

Perhaps helped along by Stephen King’s “IT” and its evil character Pennywise, fear of clowns was No. 1 in Colorado and Nebraska, while people are really bothered by holes in Texas, California, Vermont, New Mexico and South Dakota.

Folks in Nevada, Kansas, Oregon and Tennessee are terrified of g-g-g-ghosts, by these metrics, while people in Montana, Idaho and Utah are afraid of spiders — a fear called “arachnophobia,” which Hollywood once enshrined in a horror-comedy starring John Goodman.

But you’re probably here to read about what freaks Mainers out, this being a Maine site and all. If our search terms are any indication, Maine is one of just two states where emetophobia is at the top of the fear list.

Michigan is the other.

Emetophobia is a fear of vomit. That could manifest itself as a fear of seeing it or doing it, among other things.

Our neighbors in New Hampshire — as well as people in New Jersey — are most afraid of sharks. The No. 1 fear nationwide? That was Triskaidekaphobia. Fear of the number 13.

By the way, anyone else weirded out by the fact that a home security company is researching our fears?