This is expected to be the top Halloween costume in Maine for 2017

AT&T’s All Home Connections paired with folks at the website to dig into Google search terms and trends over the past year to project the top Halloween costumes for each state this year.

Mickey Mouse is expected to be the top costume choice in four states — Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois and Indiana — as is the comic book antihero Catwoman, which takes the top spot in Connecticut, Nevada, Oregon and Tennessee.

(Catwoman was the top costume for Maine in 2015, if you recall. We’re so ahead of the game here.)

This year, Google tells us the most popular Halloween costume in Maine will be… drum roll, please… the angel costume.

Maine is one of three states where the angel costume is at the top of the list, along with Pennsylvania and Oklahoma.

In neighboring New Hampshire, trick-or-treaters are projected to prefer ninja costumes, while in Massachusetts, they’re going for Star Wars storm trooper suits.

Maine’s most famous resident, Stephen King, gets a shoutout as the evil clown Pennywise, from his novel — and movie — “IT,” is the top costume for the folks in Alaska.