Guy secretly photoshops Stephen King’s Pennywise clown into sister’s engagement photos

Jesse McLaren, a former television producer for Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report and who now works for BuzzFeed, did the world a favor and snuck images of Stephen King’s evil clown, Pennywise, into his sister’s engagement photos.

Have a look:

Less than 24 hours after he posted a few of the pictures to Twitter, they’d been retweeted more than 24,000 times.

But although the proverbial Twitterati loved the idea, many said they were more horrified by the groom-to-be’s attire than the nightmarish clown lurking in the background.

Ouch. (That’s just one example — there were plenty of others.)

Pennywise has become a pop icon since the new version of the movie “IT” — based on a 1986 King novel, of course — came out this past summer and set new box office records for a horror film.

A small chain of doughnut shops started employing creepy clowns to make home deliveries, red balloons began appearing on sewer grates and “Saturday Night Live” even wrote up a spoof in which Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway was the evil clown.