Top Trump adviser depicted as Stephen King villain in ‘IT’ spoof

Saturday Night Live” got in on the fun of Stephen King’s “IT” over the weekend, spoofing the now record-setting horror movie by depicting Kellyanne Conway, an outspoken adviser to President Donald Trump, as the creepy villainous clown Pennywise.

In the clip — which you can see for yourself above — Conway, played by SNL star Kate McKinnon, tries to lure cable television news host Anderson Cooper into the sewer, offering him “a crazy, crazy quote” in exchange for airtime.

“Kellywise” had already ensnared MSNBC host Rachel Maddow in the spoof, with Maddow delivering the famous “You’ll float, too” line.

She ultimately catches Cooper by transforming into Trump’s 2016 presidential opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, and offers him a copy of her book.

As The Hill points out, McKinnon won an Emmy Award in 2016 for her “Saturday Night Live” impersonations of Conway and Clinton.

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