Candy seller maps out each state’s favorite. Here’s what Mainers want for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, the online candy retailer has crunched 10 years’ worth of its sales data, cross referenced it with numbers from candy manufacturers and distributors, and mapped out the top selling candy in each state.

People in California, Pennsylvania and North Carolina like M&M’s the best, for instance.

Here in Maine? We’re Sour Patch Kids people, according to these figures. We pucker our faces with more than 58,000 pounds of Sour Patch Kids every year around Halloween, a number that tops the nearly 46,000 pounds of M&M’s and 17,000 pounds of Starburst we gobble up.

We share our Sour Patch Kids cravings with the folks in Massachusetts, who also have it listed as their favorite candy. Trick-or-treaters in New Hampshire prefer Snickers, while those in Vermont would rather have Milky Way candy bars.

Check out the interactive map below.