Someone already got a COVFEFE Maine license plate

After what may go down as the most famous typo in American history, President Donald Trump’s bizarre late-night tweet has become the most popular joke on the internet.

But if you wanted the word on your Maine license plate, you’re too late.

Within hours, you could get “covfefe” jokes on t-shirts and mugs. There were e-books published to jump on the covfefe wave.

Even Hillary Clinton managed to crack a joke:

Kristen Muszynski, spokeswoman for the Maine secretary of state’s office, told Fox News Radio’s Bill Marcus that someone reserved the license plate around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, not long after Trump’s midnight tweet.

Congrats to the lucky vanity plate holder, but the joke is already arguably past-date. By the time that license plate goes onto the car, it’ll be the vanity plate equivalent of doing the Borat voice.