Waterville to be renamed ‘Colbyville,’ according to fake report


4446530 bytes; 5312 x 2988; Main Street in Waterville is pictured Aug. 30, 2016.Danielle McLean | BDN file photo

"Fake news" is a hot topic these days. Before you go spouting off in the comments section about what you think about our fine publication, I will be talking about completely false reports intended to deceive, not what I think is false.

We have some fake news coming out of Colbyville, er, Waterville, er, Colbyville.

A story from “Channel 28 News” was making rounds on social media proclaiming that Waterville would be changing its name to “Colbyville.” 

It’s meant to be shared on social media to “prank” your friends. The story page reads “You’ve Been Pranked” with three laughing emojis. There’s something to be admired in the transparency.

The story is fairly detailed, however. The author, who is uncredited, writes:

WATERVILLE — City councilors voted 4-3 Tuesday to give initial approval to an agreement that would sell the rights to the name of the City “Waterville” and in turn permit Colby College to rename the central Maine community to the City of Colbyville. Colby College, using its massive financial budget, paid just a little over $2,400,000 which in turn lowered the Mil rate an incredible 12 points.

I think Thomasville would be a little more realistic, but I don’t think they have the financial or social pull that Colby commands.

This isn’t the first time Maine has been mentioned in this type of “report.” Earlier this year, local social media exploded when “News Daily 12” reported that Will Ferrell had some very nice things to say about Augusta.

AUGUSTA, Maine – During a radio interview this morning, Hollywood actor Will Ferrell took a moment to praise Augusta, Maine residents who had helped him with a mechanical issue with his rental car as he passed through the city recently…

…“You have to understand, this is something that would’ve never happened in L.A.! So yeah, that’s my story about Augusta. It’s nice to know there are still places like this in America.”

Thanks, Will! Don’t feel too special though, Augusta. He said the same about Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Brownsville, Texas, and more than few others. Will Ferrell didn’t actually say any of this. 

While the Will Ferrell story got a couple of people to believe the report, people didn’t seem fooled about Colbyville. Where is Snopes when we need them?