Mainers top unique online shopping searches include mason jars, snowmobiles, marijuana seeds

(BDN file photo by Troy R. Bennett)

Blogs like to mine Google’s data for fun state-by-state info, but perhaps none have offered such a succinct glimpse into the culture of states like Estately’s map of “the products each state Googles more frequently than other states when shopping online.”

Our most viewed product is chicken coops, while marijuana seeds, canoes, cat food, Mason jars and snowmobiles round out the rest of our unique searches. I’d say that is a fairly accurate representation of our state, especially after marijuana was legalized this year.

Here are a few of my favorite combinations from other states:

  • The District of Columbia is making a fashion statement with “shutter shades” and “bowling shirt.”
  • Illinois is ready to party with an “electric wine bottle opener,” “giant wine glass,” “Solo cup,” and “floating beer pong table.”
  • Residents of Missouri are searching for a potato gun to put on their gun rack.
  • Florida’s pair of “9mm suppressor” and “men’s cargo shorts.”

It’s truly amazing what you can learn with a good map. The map and a full list of top searches by state is available on Estately’s website.