From tasty water to the ‘lowest depths of misery,’ celebrities have mixed feelings on Maine

When famous people visit Vacationland, they don’t always leave happy.

Recalling Bangor’s heyday as a lumber port, the Paul Bunyan statue stands near the Southeast Entry of the new Cross Insurance Center. (BDN photo by Brian Swartz)

In 2012, Louis C.K. said that he was in the “lowest depths of misery” in Portland, Maine. Cat Stevens was detained for suspected terrorist activity in Bangor on a flight to England in 2004. (It just so happened to be a United Airlines flight.) He called the airport “ghostly” in an interview with Larry King. 

Charles Dickens hated his stay in Portland when he came 1868, as our Troy Bennett reported. I think he would probably like the food a little more now.

But, we’ve had a few of celebrities say nice things about our state. “Parks and Recreation” actor Nick Offerman said that a Portland hotel was “exemplary” in 2016. Singer-songwriter and actress Jojo performed in Portland on April 25. As many out-of-staters already think, there must something in the water up here.

While Portland wasn’t featured on Time’s five best cities for tap water, I’m sure if Jojo made a list, we would be on it. That’s all that matters.