Snail-whispering girl from Wells appears on NBC’s ‘Little Big Shots’

People must have some pretty weird ideas of what we do in Maine to keep busy amongst the trees. Now, thanks to Steve Harvey and NBC’s Little Big Shots, we’re going to have one more question to field from out-of-staters.

US Weekly posted last week about Rhys, a 6-year old from Wells, who appeared on show on April 23. Her special talent? She can make snails come out of their shells by humming.

Mental Floss has posted on the phenomenon of humming to snails to make them emerge from their shells. Kate Horowitz writes:

San Jose State University marine biologist and periwinkle behavior expert Luke Miller decided to find out with a small hands-on experiment that involved, well, humming to snails. The results were not encouraging. “They will emerge after being picked up and carried around, without humming, so I’m not sure that humming is actually required,” he told the New York Times.

A British study published last year came to a similar conclusion. About 15 seconds after a researcher had tapped on their opercula, the periwinkles came out to see what was going on.

In the case of Rhys’s snail whispering, the science is unimportant, but the video is adorable.