Here are some of the insults Stephen King has aimed at President Trump since the inauguration

BDN File Photo

It’s been well publicized that Maine’s most famous citizen has a deep disdain for our president. When he’s not tweeting about Molly, The Thing of Evil, or dragging James Patterson, it’s usually a profound political statement.

Here are a few tweets that he has aimed at the White House in that last couple of months. (Some include some profanity.)

There was his reaction to Trump’s recent defense of Bill O’Reilly:

And King’s contribution to the tax day protests against Trump:

King has had some things to say about Trump’s relationship with the media.

He’s taken to calling the president “Forrest Trump” lately.

Also, “Trumpty Dumpty”

And a thief.

King compared him to a hooligan:

Yeah, he’s definitely not a fan.

Then there was the three-part short story after Trump alleged that President Obama had ordered his phones tapped.

He apparently doesn’t think highly of the president’s intelligence, either.

It’s worth mentioning that President Trump has never been the target of a Trump Tweet, but Trump once tweeted a Stephen King quote.