Deer tackles man, probably seeking vengeance for lost brothers

Here we have a video from an incident that took place in British Columbia on April 2. The security footage shows a man being tackled by a deer just after he gets out of a truck.

Cary McCook, who claims to be the man hit by the deer, posted on Facebook after the hit and run:

According to a Defenders of Wildlife fact sheet, “4 to 8 large animal vehicle collisions every hour in Canada.” In Penobscot County, according to a Department of Transportation fact sheet, about 4,000 deer were struck by vehicles from 2005 to 2014.

After the collision in the video, you can see a dog dart behind the car. My guess is that the dog was chasing the deer and the man was simply in the way of the deer’s escape.

Perhaps this video is evidence of a forthcoming deer revolution. The roadkill will become the road killers. We have all be warned.