Here are a couple good Maine April Fools’ jokes that (almost) fooled us this year

No matter how savvy and hardened you are, you fall for at least one April Fools’ joke. Only one of these caught the staff here, the other just made us chuckle.

Abnormally Large Piping Plover Seen on Maine Beach – Maine Audubon

“Birding enthusiasts have begun flocking to Old Orchard Beach following reports that a rare 50-foot Piping Plover has been spotted roaming around the popular summer destination.”

Maine Audubon knocked this one out of The Ballpark. The photos, coupled with “quotes” from a man named Hitchcock are the subtle touches any good satirical article needs.

May the moose giving birth live stream – Crown of Maine

This Facebook post was just believable enough not to tip us off. The likeness between the names of April the giraffe and May the moose should have gotten the point across, but we clicked through and were met by this page.

What jokes got you this year?