Moose standing on a car is also having trouble with his commute

Edit: the picture was taken in Alaska. An earlier version of this story implied it was taken in Millinocket. John Freeman did not respond to a message we sent to him.

We love a good moose story at #Maine. Here we have a strong contender for Moose of the Year, and it’s only February.

This photo was posted on Feb. 3 by John Freeman, a resident of Millinocket. It has amassed over 48,000 shares and 7,500 reactions on Facebook.

Here we have a moose standing on a car, which is surrounded with about 2 feet of snow. Perhaps they are a little shorter than his moose friends and wanted to feel tall or just wanted to give the car’s owner a scare.

Freeman wrote in the post:

In Millinocket Maine we don’t have Tornadoes and Hurricanes,but we do have awkward moments when we wake up and there is a Moose on our car!

Astoundingly, the car’s windshield seems just fine. The car’s make is obscured, but I’m sure there’s a marketing opportunity here somewhere.