Diver recovering ATV in Maine lake recovers something far funnier

A video posted earlier Tuesday on Facebook of a diver recovering an all-terrain vehicle from Long Lake in Sinclair gave us some laughs this afternoon. The diver, Greg Canders of Canders Diving Service, found something a little smaller than an ATV.

As we know, Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy is Maine’s favorite hard liquor, continually dominating yearly sales charts. But, this video takes that notion up another level.

Allen’s posted the video on its Facebook, where it amassed about 3,000 views. The company wrote:

We hear a lot of great stories from our fans. This past week, Greg Canders of Canders Diving Services shared a video of him diving to recover a 4 seat ATV that had fallen through the ice at Long Lake in Sinclair, Maine. The ATV was safely recovered, but some additional valuables were salvaged as well. Enjoy!

There are fewer things more quintessentially Maine than a sunken ATV and two bottles of Allen’s. Though, I would not advise diving on your own to look for Allen’s; leave that to the professionals.