Meme’s success drives Tumblr user from Ellsworth into hiatus

Tumblr, a quick blogging network, is a place for teens and 20-somethings to write what ever their heart desires. One Tumblr user from Ellsworth has literally turned their dreams into reality.

According to Know Your Meme, F, as they wanted to be identified, wrote this text post which amassed more than 100,000 notes. On Tumblr, notes are a post’s total likes, replies and reblogs, for those unfamiliar.

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F told us in an email that they are 18 years old and have bounced around the Bangor area before settling in Ellsworth. The dream, they said, was about a meme that already existed.

“In the dream there were just BODE-cats everywhere on my dashboard and on the internet in general. Funny thing is, I hadn’t ‘created’ the meme in my dream; It just kind of existed,” F said in an email.

However, the meme’s success has forced F to switch their URL and step away from the account. His page is now only a header that reads “i’m on hiatus” and this short explanation.

Due to an outpouring of attention from the BODE meme that I accidentally created, I’m temporarily swapped urls! Thank you to everyone for enjoying my meme with me, and I’m truly glad everyone is having so much fun with it! Have a lovely day!

F said the flash of fame became a little bit too much deal with, leading him into the hiatus.

“I was getting so many hits and random follows from meme-themed blogs on my main blog that I started to have a lot of anxiety, at which point I decided it was a good idea to go on ‘hiatus’,” F said. “Really, I just changed my URL so that I could continue having my blog and have people go to the side-blog where I was storing the URL I posted under.”

F had good humor about the medium in which their fame start.

“It’s actually kind of sad, because I’ve always hoped to gain ‘fame’ from my art or writing, but I guess memes work too.”

The meme has been featured on The Daily Dot. Here are some other examples of the meme, which you may or may not find cute or funny.







F said that their last dream didn’t seem to think their last dream had as much prophecy to it.

“The last dream I had was actually about me being Green Arrow and fighting zombies in my basement. So unless that’s going to be a new meme, or I’m going to be starring on ‘Arrow’ or something, I doubt it!”

There’s your daily dose of internet for the day.