Maine’s Anna Kendrick featured on Fresh Air with Terry Gross

Anna Kendrick1.jpg

Our state’s greatest export since blueberries and toothpicks, Anna Kendrick was featured on Fresh Air with Terry Gross on Monday. Kendrick talked about her memoir, Scrappy Little Nobody, released on Nov. 15, and the upcoming second sequel to Pitch Perfect.

According to Kendrick, one of the biggest moments of her career was when her song “Cups” shot up the charts after it was featured in Pitch Perfect.

“I imagine that will remain one of the great shocks of my career,” Kendrick said. “It was so lovely and charming and the fact that it just happened — it was so truly organic — was really lovely, too.”

Kendrick also spoke about her Oscar-nominated role along side George Clooney in Up in the Air.

“But after I auditioned, I did find out that the director had written the role for me after seeing me in an independent film I did called Rocket Science,” she said.But I still had to audition because it’s a movie with George Clooney and it was a great script at a great studio, so I guess every gal in the proverbial town had auditioned.”

The second sequel of Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 3, is slated to release on December 22, 2017.

You can listen to Kendrick’s full interview below.