Video showcases Maine teenager living ‘off grid’ in tiny house

A video featuring a Maine teenager, known only as Jesse, made rounds on Reddit after being posted in late August.

Jesse explained that he was living in this tiny house before the trend kicked in.

“I didn’t call it a tiny house. I just called it a ‘little cabin,'” he said. “It was years after that that I started hearing people say even the word ‘the tiny house movement.'”

The video includes a tour of his house, how he stores and cooks his food and action montages of Jesse using a scythe to maintain his property.

Users on Reddit found his story intriguing but couldn’t leave the comforts of the grid behind.

This is pretty neat. I’ve always wanted to try a lot of the stuff he is doing, but I just can’t justify it. We just hooked our camp up to the grid when we built it. I would rather do some DIY solar etc, but it makes no sense from an economic standpoint. It also only takes me 10 minutes to mow the lawn since I have a gas mower.

AHHH I hate it, I need a logical reason to use this old stuff other than the fact that it looks neat. I even bought an un-powered push mower, but it just takes too long and does a worse job than the gas one. – u/russianpotato

Could you live off grid in a tiny house? Does a scythe seem more fun than a John Deere?