Frenchville had the most fun ‘return of votes cast’ in Maine

Frenchville, just barely in Maine along the northern border with Canada, wasn’t letting this election get them down. A lot of the voters used their available choices, but some opted for some terrific write-ins.

Things were fairly normal in terms of presidential candidates, save for NBC’s Chuck Todd receiving a single vote.

Emily Cain and Troy Jackson won the House and State Senate races, respectively, without any write-ins to put the pressure on.

While the majority of people opted for Roland Martin in an unopposed District 150 representation race, a longtime favorite, Mickey Mouse, proved to be uncompetitive as a write-in.

Things got tougher for write-ins when your pal Buck and Any Republican couldn’t challenge James Dunleavy for Judge of Probate.

Jack Daniel and Robert Roy both got nods for County Commissioner but were not widely consumed on the ballot. Maybe they were back at home.

Here’s a scan of the results from Frenchville: