13 spooky cocktails inspired by Stephen King for your Halloween party

Maybe they're not this spooky, but your friends will love them.

Maybe they’re not this spooky, but your friends will love them.

Stephen King is arguably Maine’s most famous citizen. If you didn’t know why, it’s because his spooky characters from his novels and movies inspire some great adult beverages.

Here’s a few we thought would be a hit at your Halloween party.

  • The Mist

A mist-have for your party. Mix Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy, herbal liqueur and cognac in a shot glass.

  • He Who Walks Behind The Rows

The deity that The Children worship in “Children of the Corn” is very mysterious. Just pour a shot of corn-based Everclear, light it on fire and let it burn itself out. Please, don’t drink it.

  • Christine’s Fury

Christine, a killer Plymouth Fury, that appears in a few of King’s works inspired a cocktail with one part Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, one part vodka, two parts of OJ and a splash of sweet and sour mix. Serve over ice.

  • Pennywise’s Rainbow Clown

Pennywise is terrifying, and so is this drink. Mix one cup each of water and milk and run through a water purifier. Add three cups of Kirsch and heat the mixture. Sprinkle coriander, then divide into three glasses. Add an egg white to the top of each drink.

Serve. Then vomit.

  • John’s Shooter

A deranged dairy farmer from “Secret Window” inspired this milk-based drink. Combine five parts Oakhurst milk, two parts Allen’s and one part maple syrup. Serve in a rocks glass.

  • Red Rum

I don’t want to spoil “The Shining” for you, but “Red Rum” is murder backward. Sorry, but you can drink your sorrows away from 2 ounces of Bacardi, an ounce of grenadine and a cup of orange juice.

  • Children of the Corn

The “Children of the Corn” are some very naughty children, so make a Dirty Shirley. Over ice, combine one part of vodka to five or six parts of Sprite. Add a dash of grenadine.

  • The Hair of Cujo

Nothing like a little hair of the dog that bit a few people. Shake two parts Scotch, one part of honey and one part of cream with ice cubes. For a caffeinated option, add one part coffee.

  • Carrie Sour

One of the most iconic images from Stephen King’s films is of “Carrie” covered in blood. Muddle some cherries, add vodka and lemon juice. Top with grenadine and garnish with a cherry for extra red color.

  • The Mangler

“The Mangler” is a possessed laundry machine that was the main antagonist in a trilogy of movies.

Drain the liquid from a jar of maraschino cherries, reserve some of the syrup. Pour two ounces of lemon-flavored vodka over the cherries. When properly infused, mix a portion of that mixture with a few ounces of Sprite. Add the cherry syrup and serve over ice.

  • The Crimson King

The color red is becoming a theme in this list. Mix 2 ounces of gin with 2 teaspoons of lime juice and a teaspoon of grenadine. Float half an ounce of red wine on top and serve.

  • The Sleepwalker

This movie might have bad reviews, but you’ll get good reviews for this vampire-themed drink. Mix equal parts cranberry juice, vodka and raspberry liqueur. Enjoy.

  • Annie’s Demise

Just like in “Misery,” celebrate the end of this piece of writing with a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne and a cigarette. Just watch out for the flying typewriter.