NFL commissioner, Tom Brady foil not welcome at Maine store

(April Nickerson photo)

(April Nickerson photo)

There’s one less place in Maine NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is welcome to buy his groceries, according to the sign outside Tozier’s Family Market in Searsport.

Tip of the hat here to my colleague, Abigail Curtis, who flipped this photograph my way, as well as the woman who took the pic itself, credited above.

Goodell, as many people know, has a summer home on Scarborough’s upscale Prout’s Neck, which is far enough away from Searsport that he probably won’t be swinging through for a gallon of milk anytime soon.

Still, it’s the thought that counts.

Since the football commissioner decided he would make it his mission to destroy the legacy of four-time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Goodell’s presence in Maine has been… awkward.

Goodell’s office reportedly requested that Scarborough police keep an extra close watch on his $6.5 million Maine mansion after announcing last summer he would be suspending Brady for four games, because it was “more probable than not” that the quarterback “was at least generally aware” some game balls were slightly less inflated than league rules demand.

(In case you somehow missed what’s become known as “Deflategate,” the vaguely accusatory report that made the allegations in quotations above, and which cost the NFL millions to procure, has since been widely discredited on legal and scientific grounds. The dispute over Brady’s suspension — which is proposed to be the same length as defensive end Greg Hardy’s and twice as long as the initial punishment for running back Ray Rice, both of whom were implicated in serious domestic violence cases — is still swirling in the court system.)

In addition to the police request, Goodell has been subjected to Tom Brady chants at the local grocery store and signs telling him to leave town being flown over his property by airplane.

And now there’s one less place he’s welcome to shop, in case he feels like taking a road trip up the coast.