Maine restaurant No. 2 on national list of best french fries

French fries are usually a side to a burger or sandwich, but sometimes they’re so good they steal the show. That’s no surprise to poutine aficionados, nor the writers at foodie website Tabelog, which recently released their list of the 10 best places in the entire country to get fries.

Coming in at No. 2 on that ranking was none other than the acclaimed restaurant Duckfat in Portland.

Here’s what Tabelog posted about the popular Middle Street eatery:

“This sandwich shop and café in Portland, Maine, is best known for its Belgian fries. Local potatoes are used and are of course fried in duckfat. They are then coated with their seasoning salt and served in a paper cone along with your choice of dipping sauce ranging from truffle ketchup to Thai chili mayo. They also serve up their own version of Poutine, topping the delicious Belgian fries with locally sourced cheese curd, duck gravy and fresh chives. The entire menu here is outstanding so pair these fries with any salad or Panini that grabs your eye. And you can wash it all down with one of their stellar milkshakes.”

Duckfat beat out a number of other destinations for fry afionadoes, like Idaho’s Boise Fry Company and Houston’s Hubcap Grill, for it’s slot high on the list. The only restaurant in America rated higher by the Tabelog crew was New York City’s Pommes Frites.

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