Site lists the most famous actor from each state. Here’s Maine’s

Let’s not kid ourselves. You at least know who the candidates are, right?

The website put out a social media-friendly slideshow in which it reveals the “most famous” actor born in each state.

To determine who’s “most famous,” the site generated celebrity scores using three criteria: The number of awards each actor has been nominated for, the number of public reviews for their movies and TV shows on the popular website, and finally, the number of recent (Feb. 20-March 20 of this year) page views for their respective Wikipedia pages.

PrettyFamous acknowledged that “some actors with surging interest will outrank more familiar names, due to the methodology’s emphasis on recent buzz.” But the site promised to break ties using overall Wikipedia page views, so that might balance things out for actors whose fame came some years back.

(Although actors whose heyday was before the Internet are out of luck.)

In places like California, where America’s movie industry is based and generations of actors have grown up, the competition was fierce. Recent Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio took the cake, though.

Leonardo DiCaprio (TNS photo)

Leonardo DiCaprio (TNS photo)

But what about Maine, where the famous natives are a bit more sparse?

Well, you know folks like Patrick Dempsey, a hunky son of Lewiston and longtime “Grey’s Anatomy” star, would be on the short list, as might Portlander Judd Nelson, of “The Breakfast Club” and “St. Elmo’s Fire.”

Then some dark horses for the honor might be Augusta’s Rachel Nichols, who’s perhaps best known for playing favorite “Scarlett” in 2009’s “G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra,” or veteran soap opera star Victoria Rowell.

But the winner?

Anna Kendrick.

The Oscar-nominated actress and platinum-selling singer who starred in the “Twilight” movies, “Pitch Perfect” and “Into the Woods” got a celebrity score of 88.6 out of 100, which would’ve made her the top actor in 23 other states, had she been born there.

The No. 1 actor from New Hampshire, if you’re curious, was Sarah Silverman, with a score of 79, while Massachusetts’ Matt Damon — of “Good Will Hunting” and “The Bourne Identity” fame, among others — topped New England with a score of 99.3.