Maine couple lived on a sailboat through the winter

Living on a sailboat is one thing. Living on a sailboat in the winter? That’s a different story.

But this couple in Portland appears to have survived the snow and ice of the past winter aboard their shrink-wrapped 33-foot sailboat, Brio. Check out their YouTube video, created out of one-second snippets from Dec. 29, 2015 to April 17, 2016:

Leah and Jonathan keep a blog here — — where they talk about their experience with blizzards, how they stayed warm (an oil-filled heater in a small space), whether other people live on their boats in Portland during the winter (yes), whether they shower (DiMillo’s marina has shower facilities), and whether they drive each other crazy (not really).

It’s a fun story, with pictures and videos of their time in Portland and pursuing other adventures.

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