This TV drama was canceled after just one season, but Mainers are still obsessed with it

In our current Golden Age of Television — with highly addictive and critically acclaimed programs like “Breaking Bad,” “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones,” among other binge-worthy options — it might be easy to overlook the shortlived FX drama “Terriers.”

It was canceled after just one season in 2010 and relegated to online television warehouses like Netflix, where people can still stream episodes.

And in Maine, they do.

The website Homesnacks, known for turning pop culture data into maps and other shareable content, recently produced a map of which shows are likely being streamed the most in which states.

Although Homesnacks billed its map as one which shows “what each state is currently binge watching on Netflix,” that’s not exactly true.

The site acknowledged that streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon don’t release exact numbers state-by-state, so its researchers did the next best thing and ran a Google Trends analysis to see what people in each state are searching for on the Internet.

It’s a leap to correlate Google searches with binge watching — someone could be curious about a TV show’s premise and do a two-minute Internet search, while stopping well short of a watching 12 episodes back-to-back.

Nonetheless, Mainers’ apparent fascination with “Terriers” is kind of interesting.

The show starred journeyman Donal Logue, perhaps better known for stints on “Sons of Anarchy” or “Vikings,” as a former southern California cop trying to make it as a private investigator alongside a reformed criminal played by Michael Raymond-James, whose credits include “True Blood” and “Once Upon A Time.”

Maine wasn’t the only state where people showed a peculiar obsession with “Terriers.” The folks in Washington also searched for it quite a bit, according to the Homesnacks map.

Some other states went for the more widely popular and longer lasting shows, like “Orange is the New Black” in Nevada.

Alaskans reached back for the science fiction classic “Star Trek,” which of course has expanded into a universe of spinoff shows and movies since its initial release in the 1960s, while Nebraska residents are into the 1980s bar sitcom “Cheers.”

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Featured main page photo of Donal Logue by Dominick D, used under Creative Commons license.