‘Super rare’ four-clawed lobster lights up the Internet

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday.

It sort of looks like a Swiss Army lobster, doesn’t it?

We’ve seen a lot of different types of rare lobsters end up on a boat or a dock here in Maine. White lobsters, blue lobsters, yellow lobsters, huge lobsters… there’s a Dr. Seuss book in this somewhere, I think.

In terms of colors, the Maine Lobstermen’s Community Alliance describes the white ones as the rarest, at only about one in every 100 million.

But nobody really has a category for mutations like the four-clawed crustacean above, which has now been appropriately named “Clawdette.” Naturally, social media’s going nuts over her.

(My BDN colleague, Bill Trotter, who’s something of a lobster expert in his own right, has pointed out that this multi-armed condition is not a mutation, per se, but rather a naturally occurring abnormality called Bruchdreifachbildungen, in which crustaceans growing back severed limbs sometimes get extra ones in the process. Maybe this is what happened to Goro, from “Mortal Kombat.”)

Anyway, according to New England Cable News and many other media outlets, Portland wholesaler Ready Seafood Co. acquired the unique specimen as part of its haul earlier this week.

Curt Brown, a Ready Seafood biologist, told the Associated Press and others he’s never seen a four-clawed lobster in more than a decade working with the creatures.

Like most odd-looking lobsters that end up in Maine, Clawdette is not bound for a dinner plate. She’s being donated to the state Department of Marine Resources.