Crews remove 10 tons of ‘stuff’ from Maine home in episode of TV show ‘Hoarders’

An episode of the A&E cable television show “Hoarders” shot last year at a Lisbon home will not be shown Sunday night as expected — a representative told media outlets Thursday the airing has been postponed until March 13 at 8 p.m.

The identity of the homeowner and most other details about the episode can’t be released until that airing, but Kevin Gove of Auburn-based Rinck Advertising hinted at the scale of the effort Thursday, telling reporters in an email that “the ServiceMaster crew removed close to 20,000 pounds of stuff from only a few rooms of the house over three days.”

ServiceMaster franchises from Falmouth and Auburn owned by Steve Cox took part in the extreme clean-out, as did Dawna Hall of the home improvement company OrganizeME and “extreme cleaning expert” Matt Paxton, according to Thursday’s alert.

Hoarders,” which is now in its eighth season, is a documentary-style program that profiles people suffering from compulsive hoarding disorder. When the show premiered in 2009, it reportedly smashed A&E’s record for premieres with 2.5 million viewers.

“Nationally, about 5 percent of the population has some type of hoarding disorder, according to estimates,” a previous Rinck released noted, in part. “One Maine hoarding specialist has said as much as 8 percent of the state population has the disorder, due in part to Maine’s large elderly population.”

Linda Weare is the city of Portland’s elder advocate, and although she was not involved in the episode referenced above, she spoke to me previously about these kinds of cases.

“Sometimes there’s garbage that doesn’t get thrown out for years, and then you get mice and you get insects, and it becomes a sanitation issue,” she said. “Some of these houses become so full of stuff that they become non-functional — you can’t use the kitchen or the bathroom, because they’re all used for storage.”