Video: Bangor native Sarah Parcak blows Colbert’s mind on live TV

Most would probably say the coolest famous Mainer is Stephen King. The kids might go with Anna Kendrick. No offense to either of them, but the answer is clearly Sarah Parcak.

The Bangor native recently won the $1 million TED Prize for her revolutionary contributions to archaeology, and Friday night she cracked up the audience on a special, live-broadcast “Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

The TED talk alum was clearly not daunted by the pressures of live TV in front if millions, across from one of the funniest men of this generation.

Parcak has a great rapport with Colbert, giving him an Indiana Jones hat and wordlessly shaming him for holding up two photos wrong, which garnered big laughs from the audience.

At one point, when Parcak explains how satellite imagery found the buried ruins of the Egyptian city of Tanis, an incredulous Colbert recalls how the city plays into “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

“You found Tanis?” Colbert says, before plopping the Indiana Jones hat back onto Parcak’s head.

We should mention that archaeologists have known the location of Tanis for a long time and have excavated the royal tombs there, but thanks to Parcak the entire buried city, once the capital of Egypt, has been mapped out.

“Think about if Indiana Jones and Google Earth had a love child,” Parcak tells Colbert when he asks her to explain “space archaeology.”

Any hopes that we’d learn what she plans to do with her $1 million TED prize were dashed, however. She told Colbert she’s not allowed to talk about it ahead of next month’s TED conference in Vancouver.

But she does hint that her goal is to get people more interested in the pursuit of protecting ancient archaeological sites even as ISIL/Daesh destroys and loots them.

Watch the full interview here: