Maine’s ‘funniest hardware store in America’ wins Internet fans with homemade videos

Corey Troup and his Bowdoinham Hardware Store are putting together quite the social media marketing campaign, posting a series of episodic commercial videos in which the local shop and its products save neighbors from a range of calamities.

In one of the first videos — seen above — a distraught customer comes to the self-proclaimed “funniest hardware store in America” to get a new “bucket of steam” after his somehow breaks, for instance.

In another, Troup comes to the rescue when the “Bowdoinham International Airport” runs out of air (“We have just what you need! You never know what we’ll bring in next! Yessah there, bub!”), then takes off on an adventure to save this 3,000-person town from a hilarious-looking homemade villain, “the Grimm Dibley from Swan Island.”

Troup’s clever videos introduce us to the colorful “Tribe of Bowdoinhamians” and “Lynn, the Queen of All Bowdoinham.”

Watch the three-part Grimm Dibley saga below — it’s quick — and visit the store’s YouTube channel for all their videos by clicking here.