This guy asked people random questions in Portland. The video is pretty awkward

We’re putting this YouTube video down as pretty random and ridiculous. A man in a winter coat and hat stops people as they’re walking around the streets of Portland to ask them questions “that aren’t important” for his “Maine on the Street” video. The answers he gets are pretty awkward.

But people do, eventually, respond.



“Do you know anyone named Peter?” the guy asks a woman in a red scarf.



“Ah, yes,” she says.

“Is he kind of a jerk?” he replies.

“Probably, yeah,” she says.

“What’s your least favorite middle name for a female?” the man continues.

“I don’t know, but I know my favorite.”

“Nah, not interested,” he says.

He gets the police to talk to him about eggnog. (He has trouble drinking it with his beard.) “I’m just telling you, you should drink a lot of eggnog now, because you don’t have a beard. Enjoy that. It’s a nightmare,” he says.



He even gets them to open up about space. If they were selected to police Mars, would they do it?

“I think that might be a consideration, yeah,” says one.

So here’s your bit of drollery for the day (that more than 4,000 people have viewed). Do you recognize anyone in the video?