Huffington Post lists 11 ‘things you didn’t know’ about The County, ‘but should’

Travel writer Malerie Yolen-Cohen is back with another piece for the Huffington Post, this time highlighting some of the quirky attractions of Maine’s Aroostook County in a piece titled “11 things you didn’t know about Maine’s extreme Northlands, but should.”

The piece is written for an audience of travelers and tourists, so for folks who live in The County, these aren’t really “things you didn’t know.” But to somebody from away, they might be considered hidden treasures they’d never thought to visit.

It’s interesting to see what one of the region’s top travel writers thinks are Aroostook’s most enticing attractions.

On Yolen-Cohen’s list are:

Click here to see the full list of 11 things you should know about — or, perhaps more accurately, visit in — The County.

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