Man does backflips and crazy handstands around Portland — don’t try these at home

Can you do a push-up while in a handstand position? How about while balancing on a log? Can you do a standing backflip? Or a front flip off a high embankment?

Patrick Hapworth can. In this video below, he shows off his gymnastics and strength skills at sites around Portland.

In a 2014 interview with the BDN, Hapworth spoke about how he got interested in flips and twists. As a former high school wrestler at Maine Central Institute in Pittsfield, he saw an older wrestler from a competing school celebrate a state title by doing a backflip.

“That’s when I figured out I wanted to do gymnastics,” he said.

He watched YouTube videos to learn the moves. And in 2011, when he won a high school state title as a wrestler, he did a backflip to celebrate.

Now, he’s inspiring others with his YouTube videos.

It’s probably smartest to not try what he does unless you have a spotter or know a thing or two about gymnastics.