The mystery man playing on Bangor’s outdoor piano has given us another song

Yesterday we shared a YouTube video of a man playing a beautiful tune on a public piano in downtown Bangor. The previously unnamed piano player got in touch with us: It was 19-year-old Willy Buchstaber of Stetson. He let us know he had been improvising in the video, which had been taken by a stranger passing by.

Several thousand people have seen the video now, and we thought they might like to hear another song. I met him at the piano on Central Street today and took this quick one-minute film below.

Buchstaber said he’s more of a drummer than a pianist, and he hasn’t been formally trained. He taught himself and makes the music up as he goes. It’s all about rhythmic patterns, he said. Instead of reading a beat on a sheet of music, he gauges it in his mind.

Here’s your bit of beautiful music for the day: