We found the mystery man playing a beautiful tune on Bangor’s outdoor piano


We found the mystery person playing a beautiful tune on Bangor’s outdoor piano. It was Willy Buchstaber, 19, of Stetson, which he confirmed by sending this photo:


You’ll see he’s wearing the same jacket as in the video, and he has the same water bottle with the Phish sticker.

And you want to know something pretty cool? The reason you didn’t recognize the tune was because he was improvising.

“That was just off the top of my head,” he said.

He said he’s been drumming all his life and has also taught himself guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin and banjo.

How? “By ear,” he said. “What sounds good.”

I’ll update you all again when we can get a video of him playing another song. Stay tuned!


Here’s your bit of Internet randomness for the day: An unidentified person playing a beautiful song on the Kindness Project piano in downtown Bangor.

The camera is shaky in the beginning, but it’s not the video quality you’re watching for. It’s the sound. It starts to really get good around 1:20.

The video, taken in the “pocket park” on Central Street, was published to YouTube on Saturday. Are you the pianist?