CBS Evening News features Maine baseball players using 1860s rules, gear


“The pitching is underhand. A ball caught on a bounce is still an out. And even on a steaming hot day, the players’ uniforms are made mostly of wool.”

Those are the first words out of the mouth of CBS Evening News reporter Chip Reid in a nearly three-minute long segment about a group of Maine baseball players who play the game using rules, language and equipment like they had in the 1860s — a time before the big leather mitts existed.

Baseball players from 150 years ago used different words, Reid reported, and so do the Maine vintage enthusiasts.

Batters were called “strikers,” catchers were called “behinds” and pitchers were called “hurlers.” Instead of being called “out,” players were considered “dead.”

Reid interviews Dirigo Vintage Base Ball Club President Jake Newcomb as well as other local players.

Watch the full CBS Evening News segment below: