Can you guess Maine’s favorite dog breed?

In working on another project, I started looking for the the answer to the question, “What is the quintessential Maine dog?”

What came to mind:

That wasn’t entirely off. But the most popular dog in Maine is pretty much like the most popular dog in every state: The Lab.


Mental Floss put together some cool maps using data from the American Kennel Club to show the most popular breeds in each state.

small-lab (1)

For the most *distinctively* Maine dog, the golden retriever isn’t far off. It’s the second most popular dog breed in Maine (as well as Connecticut, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana and Colorado.)

Maine’s third most popular dog? The German Shepherd.

You might think that Maine is a state for dog lovers. I mean, c’mon, we have a dog kissing contest in Portland.

And Maine does rank high for owning a lot of pets. According to a 2012 poll from the American Veterinary Medical Association, Maine ranks fifth in the country for pet ownership with 62.2 percent of households owning pets. But we didn’t crack the top 10 list for dog ownership. (Number 1 was Arkansas.)

So maybe Maine’s favorite dog breed is a cat.


We rank second for cat ownership in the nation. And the big bushy Maine coon cat, as you know if you’ve owned one, can be quite puppy-like.

See the popularity of your favorite dog breeds nationwide over at the American Kennel Club’s website.