Take this poll to help us build a ‘Game of Thrones’ map of Maine

Last year, BDN alumnus Andrew Catalina wrote this post asking what would happen if Maine were Westeros, the land in “Game of Thrones” where much of the action takes place.

It was a good question. Now let’s answer it.

We want to build an awesome map of Maine as Westeros. To do that, we’ll need your help.

Here’s the map from which we’re deriving our geographic knowledge of Westeros:

Our thinking was that the Maine counterparts should ideally be similar in geographic relation (Castle Black must be north, and along the border). But they should also have similar characteristics. For instance, some of us think that King’s Landing should be Augusta, since it’s the seat of power, though there is an argument for it being Portland. We leave this up to you.

We’ve put together a series of polls below that list Westerosi locales and their potential Maine counterparts. Click whichever Maine place you think works best for each. We’ll stop counting the votes Thursday at noon.

The capitol of Westeros and its economic center.

A city just south of Casterly Rock, the seat of House Lannister, and one of the major ports in the Seven Kingdoms.

The islands to the west of Westeros, land of House Greyjoy. Since there are no islands in the west of Maine, we’ll have to take some poetic license in the geography on this one.

In the south of the Seven Kingdoms, the land of House Tyrell.

The small island home to Lady Brienne.

Ancestral home of Lady Catelyn, Riverrun is known for its plentiful fish.

Harrenhal is the biggest castle in Westeros, but changes ownership several times over the course of the books.

The center of command for the Night’s Watch at the Wall.

The home of House Aryn, the Eyrie is in the mountains on the east. Again, because Maine’s greatest mountains aren’t on the east, we might take some poetic license, here.

The kingdom to the farthest south of the seven, Dorne feels a bit separate from the rest of the Westeros. There its people are more liberal than that of the north — the Dornish have no qualms about bastards, the weather is hotter, and culturally it’s distinct from the rest of the land.

Winterfell is the seat of the House Stark, the wardens of the north. Traditionally they worship the old gods of the woods. Ed. note: Sorry, this was left out when this post was first published!

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