Maine’s best cheese recipe is, apparently, crab-and-gouda-stuffed mushrooms

Earlier this week, the BDN’s Kathleen Pierce delivered a story about seven Maine-made cheeses you need to try. Among them were a hand-stretched mozzarella from Siberia Farms in Hermon and a brined feta from Balfour Farm in Pittsfield.

On the heels of Kathleen’s piece, we thought it made sense to add one more thing to a Maine cheese-lover’s to-do list.

The website, sponsored by Ritz crackers, is a wide-ranging online cheese guide. Earlier this year, it produced its list of the best cheese recipes from across the 50 states — “this cheese is your cheese, this cheese is my cheese…”

As happens whenever a national site tries to pick a “best recipe” from Maine, CheeseRank went with a seafood choice. It’s predictable, but also pretty defensible, considering how tasty the chosen meal looks.

CheeseRank picked crab-and-gouda-stuffed mushrooms as its best cheese recipe from Maine, as described by the blog Peas & Crayons. (The video included above with this blog post features a different crab-stuffed mushroom recipe, but should be delicious in its own right.)

CheeseRank also pointed out, somewhat arbitrarily that there was a fifth “Home Alone” movie and it took place in Maine. Who knew?

Anyway, among the other states’ top cheese dishes were pepperoni rolls from West Virginia, the traditional cheesesteak from Pennsylvania and an onion-ring-topped mac-and-cheese meal from Colorado.

Do our Downeast kitchen wizards have any other cheese recipes they’d like to share? Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below, or share and comment on Facebook.