The best and worst April Fools’ Day 2015 jokes in Maine


A pair of puffins in Maine preparing for April Fool’s Day. Photo by Bob Duchesne.

Open season on puffins in Maine? Solar panels on the Blaine House? Stephen King writing an episode of “The Walking Dead”?

It must be April Fools’ Day.

We’ve compiled a collection of April Fools’ Day 2015 stories and jokes in Maine.

Some were downright unbelievable, while others you may have wished were true.

Take a look, and let us know if there were any that would have fooled you!

From Maine Environmental News — Gov. Paul LePage pledges to become Maine’s greatest conservationist.

From Stephen King’s Facebook Page — Stephen King to write for “The Walking Dead” Season 6.

From the Bangor Lunch Mob Facebook Page — Harvest Moon Deli in Bangor will soon be installing a drive-thru pick-up window.

From Maine Community Facebook Page — Gov. Paul LePage announced a new proposal to allow unlimited hunting of Maine’s puffins.

From Penobscot Bay Pilot — Dispatch from Rockport Fire Department: Town’s new $2.5 million truck arrives from Germany.

From Maine Solar Energy — LePage announces solar panels to be installed on Blaine House.

From Bangor Police Department Facebook Page — The Duck of Justice missing!

And as a bonus for all you Patriots fans out there, this one from Tom Brady.