Bangor, Wales agrees with “We Are Bangor” video — it’s -GOR, not -GER

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After national media attention from NBC’s “Nightly News” and PBS’ “NewsHour,” the “We Are Bangor” video keeps getting more and more views — this time, from our brothers and sisters across the pond in the other Bangor — Bangor, Wales. Well, there’s a Bangor in Northern Ireland, too. Both were founded sometime in the 6th century, so they’ve got us beat by about 1,200 years. But we digress.

In an article in Wales Online, part of several daily news publications in Wales, the writer of the story empathizes with our city’s plight of constant mispronunciation. This is the land of Machynlleth and Aberystwyth we’re talking about, after all.

Welsh radio personality Tuder Owen said our pronunciation is the correct one, and everybody else has got it wrong.

“It’s good to know that people on the other side of the world have the same problems as us here in Wales,” said Owen, in the story. “In fact, the American pronunciation almost sounds more Welsh than ours.”

“There are essentially two ways to correctly say Bangor — Welsh speakers usually roll the ‘r’ while any self respecting Bangorian will say ‘Ban-gor,'” continued Owen. “But the important thing is the ‘g’ you have to hear the ‘g.” I’m afraid ‘Banger’… is simply not right, and that’s the one that upsets people.”

That video again, in case you somehow missed it:

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